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Carriere® Motion™ Class II Appliance

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

What is the Carriere Motion Class II Correction Appliance?

The Motion Appliance is used to correct a Class II malocclusion (increased over-jet). It can be used in replacement of traditional appliances such as Head Gear.

How Does the Motion Appliance Work?

The Motion Appliance is bonded to your upper teeth and hooks are bonded to your lower molars.

Using rubber-bands that you attach to the Motion Appliance, the teeth move to the desired location.

Once the desired location of the teeth has been achieved, usually within 3 to 6 months, the Motion Appliance can be removed and the next step in treatment can begin (usually with bonding braces or delivering aligners).

What Are the Benefits of Using the Motion Appliance?

  • Shorter treatment time – the appliance is used before braces for faster movement of teeth and less time in braces.

  • Elastics early on – elastics are worn in the beginning of treatment when most patients are still enthusiastic about treatment.

  • Aesthetically pleasing – the unique design makes the appliance hardly noticeable.

  • Normal speech – the quality of your speech is not affected.

  • No facial appliance needed – no need for bulky traditional appliances such as headgear that are worn outside the mouth.

  • Sleek, low profile design – low profile design and smooth surface makes it comfortable to wear.

  • Easy to keep clean – easy to brush and floss your teeth with the appliance on.


  1. Always wear lower retainer and elastics together. If you wear elastics without lower retainer, you will cause damage to teeth and gums.

  2. Always wear elastics on both sides, unless directed otherwise by Dr. Cooke.

  3. Wear the elastics at least 22 hours per day. You should never have them out for more than 30 minutes.

  4. You will begin by wearing the following elastics::: FORCE 1 elastics

  5. Subsequent visits you will wear the following elastics::: FORCE 2 elastics

  6. If worn correctly, you should develop some spaces between the top front teeth.

  7. You will be given two lower retainers, just in case one is lost or broken (which we DO NOT anticipate).

Common Questions:

Q: What if I run out of elastics?

A: Stop by the office 7am to 5pm Monday through Friday and we will give you more. Can't make it to the office? Call us and we will mail you some 707-255-4400

Q: What do I do if I lost my lower retainer?

A: Go to your 2nd set. If you don't have a second set, call the office. Do not wear rubber bands unless you have your retainer on.

Q: My bracket or my metal arm are loose, what should I do?

A: Call the office. Do not wear rubber bands until you are seen at Cooke Orthodontics.

Q: The bracket on the lower tooth is sharp, what should I do?

A: Often placing wax on the bracket makes it more comfortable.

Q: I don't want to do this anymore, what are the other options?

A: The alternatives to this appliance include headgear, extractions and jaw surgery.

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