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Q. how old is too old for orthodontics? how young is too young?

A. Our youngest patient is 5 years old and our oldest is over 80. Age is not an obstacle! 


Q. when should my child first be evaluated for treatment?

A.  7 years old. There is no fee for this service! All exams are complimentary.


Q. why such an early age?

A. Dr. Cooke does a few things at this appointment:

  • She identifies if the jaw is growing properly.

  • She determines if there are too many or too few teeth.

  • She takes a 3D image that can identify sleep-disordered breathing.


Q. How often does a child need early orthodontics?

A. For about 1 in 5 children, early treatment is advised. Most of the time, Dr. Cooke will determine that everything looks good and your child should begin treatment around 12-13 years old.


Q. why does dr. cooke perform exams every 6-12 months?

A.        The teeth and jaw are constantly growing and shifting. Most exams are a year apart to make sure everything is growing in a healthy and ideal way. Dr. Cooke is able to guide the eruption of adult teeth when needed with well-timed interventions that make orthodontics easier for children.


Q. do i need a referral to come see you?

A. Nope! You do not need a referral. Schedule your complimentary consultation here.


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