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VPro+: Device that can help improve your orthodontic treatment!

VPro+ is a device that operates at a high frequency, delivering safe, gentle vibrations to improve your orthodontic treatment. To get this, you only have to use it for 5 minutes per day. The device is partnered with a tracking app so you know just how often you have used it, which helps you see your own results working quickly!

VPro+, paired with Dr. Cooke’s expertise, will ensure that you have the most comfortable and advanced ortho experience. We can reduce treatment time up to 64% by using this high frequency vibration! If Dr. Cooke thinks that the VPro+ will help your treatment go more efficiently she will give you one complimentary! VPro+ helps to reduce discomfort, get optimal aligner seating and accelerate tooth movement! These treatment benefits help to achieve a rapid, perfect finish!

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