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Self-ligating Brackets

Q. aren't braces old-school?

A.        These are not your mom and dad's braces!

  • They have been designed over the last 5 years to make treatment faster, more exact, more comfortable and more esthetic

  • Dr. Cooke harnesses the engineering of the bracket (science) with her excellent eye for esthetics (art) and is able to design a functional and beautiful smile.

  • Plus, you can celebrate your braces with colors, if you choose!


Q. do you have clear braces?

A. Yes! We use less noticeable, self-ligating brackets that are clear for front teeth. In the back, we use metal braces to help with the biting forces associated with eating, grinding, and clenching. 


Q. what is indirect bonding? why does dr. cooke do this?

A.  Dr. Cooke places braces both directly and indirectly:

  •           Directly means that the brace or bracket is placed on the tooth individually. Dr. Cooke often does this when adding single brackets during ongoing treatment.

  •           Indirectly means that Dr. Cooke positions all the brackets on a model of your teeth in order to be as precise as possible. She usually reserves this for the initial placement of braces.

  • Dr. Cooke is expertly trained in both methods and determines on a case by case basis which method is best for YOU!


Q. can you add colors to my braces? 

A. Yes! Get creative! There are so many options: your favorite sports team, school colors....we can't wait to see how you customize yours!


Q. how old is too old for orthodontic treatment? how young is too young?

A. Our youngest patient is 5 years old and our oldest is over 80. Age is not an obstacle! 1 in 3 patients that Dr. Cooke treats is an adult.


Q. do i need a referral to see you?

A. Nope! No referral is needed. Request a consultation HERE.






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