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Q. why fix my teeth now?

A. Deciding to just “deal” with teeth being in the wrong position means you are ignoring problems and potentially setting yourself up for worse issues down the road.  By doing nothing:

  • Your enamel is wearing down

  • Your bite is continuing to traumatize your teeth

  • Your gums are strained and receding

  • You are not enjoying a big, beautiful smile

  • You are breaking and chipping teeth, which may make your bite worse

  • You may need to invest in root canals, bridges, and implants


Q. how old is too old for orthodontic treatment? how young is too young?

A. Our youngest patient is 5 years old and our oldest is over 80. Age is not an obstacle! 1 in 3 patients that Dr. Cooke treats is an adult.


Q. Can I do Invisalign treatment?

A. Most likely, YES!  You will be happy to know we find that:

  • We can get the same excellent results as braces

  • Most patients have shorter and fewer appointments, which seems to work best everyone

  • Most find it more comfortable than braces

  • Oral hygiene is easier (brushing and flossing)

  • There are little to no food restrictions

  • While wearing Invisalign, you are minimizing the wearing of your enamel and protecting your teeth

  • Find out more about Invisalign by clicking HERE.


Q. do you have clear braces?

A. Yes! We love our clear braces.  In fact, they are our preferred option for braces patients!


Q. do i need a referral to see you?

A. Nope! No referral is needed. Request a consultation HERE.

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