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Your Forever Smile

Updated: May 10, 2021

Dr. Cooke understands the importance of retainer wear. She also knows that families are on budgets and can't always afford to replace retainers. So in January of 2020 she created a new program called "Your Forever Smile."

Braces Patients:

At the braces removal appointment, a set of retainers as determined by Dr. Cooke are inserted. We also provide resin models of your teeth that represent your finished tooth position*

Then, we offer 1 set of COMPLIMENTARY RETAINERS every 6 months for as long as Dr. Cooke owns the practice (i.e. one January through June and one July through December).

How it works:

Lose or break your retainers?

  • Simply bring your resin models into our office and we’ll provide one set of complimentary translucent retainers (TR) within 72 hours of drop off.


Invisalign Patients:

We provide Invisible Retainers. At the end of treatment, we provide a number of settling monthly retainers. We also provide four (4) top and four (4) bottom yearly retainers. Invisible retainers are created from your final arrangement of teeth as determined by Dr. Cooke’s final Invisalign result.