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Q. what is surgical orthodontics?

A. On rare occasions, we have patients whose jaws have grown in such a way that orthodontics alone cannot correct the bite

In these instances, we need to do braces or Invisalign in conjunction with surgery

Mandibular Setback:

Mandibular Advancement:


Q. who performs the surgery?

A. Dr. Cooke will do the orthodontic treatment and will refer you to a trusted oral

surgeon to perform the surgery.


Q. do I need a referral to come see you?

A. Nope! Schedule your free consultation HERE.


Q. how much does this cost?

A. At your consultation, Dr. Cooke will determine your treatment needs and her treatment coordinator will review your investment. Dr. Cooke and her team will find an affordable plan that fits your budget. The surgical fee will be determined by your surgeon and health insurance plan.


Q. Can I do Invisalign treatment with surgery? 

A. Sometimes.

  • Kaiser Surgeons require braces on all the teeth.

  • Some surgeons will do orthognathic (jaw) surgery with Invisalign.

  • The surgeon we use will often be determined by your health insurance plan.

  • Find out more about Invisalign by clicking HERE.


Q. do you have clear braces?

A. Yes! We love using clear braces.  In fact, they are our preferred option for braces!

  • Find out more about our braces by clicking HERE.


Q. when is a good time to begin surgical orthodontics?

A. Dr. Cooke wants to see you NOW!

  • She can identify the issues that need to be corrected during your complimentary consultation and exam and tell you when the BEST time to correct your bite will be.

  • Often, surgical orthodontics is done once growth is completed. Complimentary annual visits with Dr. Cooke helps her identify the best time for treatment.


this seems overwhelming!

No worries! We will hold your hand through the whole process and are experts at navigating you through this surgical orthodontics journey. We are committed to being available to answer all your questions and address your concerns along the way.


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