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Beauty is in the details!

Congratulations on starting your SMILE journey!

A lot of people ask me, "Why do you place the brackets so close to the gums?"

This is a GREAT question, and one of my favorites to answer!

Traditionally, orthodontists placed braces in the center of the teeth. This created straight, but FLAT smiles.

I knew that I wanted MORE! I spent years taking courses to find out how I can get both an excellent bite and a gorgeous smile. I went to a course by Dr. Tom Pitts. There, I found that placing the brackets very precisely (and closer to the gums) results in a curvy, stunning smile!

This concept, called Smile Arc Protection (SAP), results in the upper incisors following the flower of the lower tip.

I am so excited to get to share with you some of my smile transformations with the SAP approach!

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