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Dental Monitoring

Excellence at your Convenience!

  1. Take pictures of your smile from anywhere!

  2. Dr. Cooke gets to check your progress weekly!

  3. You get to watch your progress on your app!

Dr. Cooke wants your treatment to exceed your expectations. That is why she has invested in a program that:

  • Gets excellent results FASTER!

  • Fewer appointments, with closer monitoring!

  • Send us messages any day and any time!

  • Visualize your personal smile journey on your app!

Personal Invisalign Assistant

Send Kiana a message in the app anytime and she will be able to get back to you Monday through Friday.

She works side by side with Dr. Cooke on monitoring your smile development! Your appointments are farther apart, but your treatment is monitored weekly!

You will get to see Kiana in our office and communicate with her via the app!

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