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New Patient Form

The initial visit allows us to learn about you and your orthodontic needs.  It also allows you the opportunity to confirm that Dr. Cooke is the right orthodontist for you.  In our office, every effort is made to meet your needs in a timely and caring manner.  Each individual’s condition is unique and deserves personalized attention. Both parents are welcome and  encouraged to be present during the initial exam for minors.


Before your initial exam:

  1. Download and complete your new patient FORM

  2. Text us a copy of both sides of your insurance card at 707-255-4400

  3. Make sure you are up to date on your dental exam and dental cleaning


These records will be taken at your initial exam:

  1. Photos of your face and teeth

  2. 3D Imaging of your jaws

  3. Digital scan of your teeth and bite


Dr. Cooke will then conduct a thorough examination and summarize the answers to the following questions:

  1. Is there an orthodontic problem?

  2. If so, what is it?

  3. Can it be corrected?

  4. When should it be corrected?

  5. How long will it take to correct it?

  6. How much will it cost ?


After Dr. Cooke has answered all questions, our treatment coordinator will explain the costs involved and possible payment options, and insurance benefits. She will help you make a follow-up visit to begin the process.

Have questions? Give us a call at 707-255-4400

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