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The Cook'e' Club

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

The Cook’e’ club is a fun and exciting program customized just for our patients

in the observation stage of treatment.

The observation stage is a very important part of treatment. By monitoring your teeth development and jaw growth, Dr. Cooke and her team can plan for your future orthodontic treatment needs. Attending your regular office visits during this phase ensure we will be able to determine the most appropriate time to start your orthodontic treatment.

Our Cook’e’ club members are invited to many events and parties arranged by our office throughout the year. As a member of this exclusive club you will visit our office every 6 to 12 months to keep on track with future treatment plans. Your membership promises a great return of fun! Our new members should keep an eye out for a special delivery in the mail!

If you child is not ready for his or her first exam, we have a special group for them! Find out more at Cook'e' Dough Crew!

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