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    First Day in Invisalign

    Updated: Aug 19, 2019

    Congratulations! You started your Invisalign treatment today!

    What to expect:

    • Aligners feel tight

    • Teeth may be sore

    • Placing and removing aligners is awkward

    • You may have extra saliva

    • Your bite feels off both with the aligners in and out

    • Attachments feel sharp (until they get worn down by the aligners)


    • Use a pain reliever recommended by your physician or parent. We personally find Advil to be helpful.

    • Use the chewies as recommended – these will help decrease teeth tenderness. It is recommended to do this AFTER you use the pain reliever of choice.

    • Whether you experience extra saliva OR dry mouth, we recommend keeping a water bottle close by for the first two weeks

    • Over the first few days, removing and placing aligners will soften the edges of the attachments.

    • The aligners may feel sharp too. Your tissues will become more resistant to this feeling the more you wear your aligners. If you have a sharp spot, polish it with a clean emery board. If the aligners are sharp two aligners in a row, then you should bring the whole box of aligners in and we will polish them for you.

    • Wax works well on sharp aligners too.

    • The first few days in treatment, your teeth will be sore. Please eat softer foods during this acclimation period.

    • During the course of treatment, we are moving teeth into the correct position. The journey your bite experiences may not always be comfortable. This is normal.


    PROBLEM: I'm having problems getting my aligners out

    SOLUTION: Watch the videos in this POST

    PROBLEM: Bouncy aligners

    SOLUTION: Use your chewies more, wear your aligners a minimum of 22 hours per day

    PROBLEM: Sharp trays

    SOLUTION: wax, clean emery board, bring them by for us to polish