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3-D Imaging - High Quality, Low Radiation

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

When treating patients, 3-D images gives Dr. Cooke a superior view of what she is diagnosing and allows her to effectively determine the next step toward a beautiful smile and excellent bite.

3-D Imaging at Cooke Orthodontics in Napa, California

How it works:

Dr. Cooke employs a cone beam computed tomography machine (CBCT) that provides a 3-D rendering of her patient's mouth, jaws and head, compared to the 2-D view offered by traditional x-rays.

Why it is better:

  1. More efficient - Allows Dr. Cooke to see the whole mouth and jaws in just ONE image

  2. More precise - Gives a view of how the teeth align with one another, how they align with the jaws and how the jaws align with each other

  3. More in-depth - The CBCT images allow us to evaluate teeth, bones, sinuses and airways.

3-D Imaging at Cooke Orthodontics in Napa, California

How long does it take:

Most images are captured in 9 to 14 seconds!

3-D dental imaging is becoming the new standard of orthodontic care!

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